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Promotion is an activity conducted by a firm in order to introduce, market and increase the sales of products. In Malaysia, usually sales promotion will be held at the first and fourth week because most of Malaysian workers receive their salaries. Therefore, sales promotion is very important and indeed will attract customers to shop. As users, we should be wise to evaluate every promotion conducted and avoid deception.
First tip, list down the things which are needed before buying. It is vital to organize our financial planning and shop carefully according to what are really needed. List of things necessary for us to prevent wastage and buy unnecessary goods. The attitude of carefulness is able to control our improvidence.
Second tip, look into every advertisement and avoid yourselves of confused information. Sometimes, advertisements are made based on certain attractions to certain products. For example, most advertisements exploit women to become models. Generally, female models will be taken to promote beauty products or cosmetics while not everyone suitable to use those products. So, we should be careful and investigate any promotions before making purchases.
Third tip, avoid credit card utilization because it makes us extravagant  and tend to shop more than needed. By using credit card, we do not realize the cash flow as we do not see the money obviously. Consequently, we will only realize the amount of money that we pay at the end of every month. You are advised to bring along an adequate amount of money while shopping. This move will prevent yourselves from buying unnecessary goods with lower prices.  
Fourth tip, do not be fooled by the products with promotional gifts. Sometimes sales promotion will offer you `buy one free one`. You should be careful to the hidden costs that might be imposed to the products or services provided. Apart from promotional gifts, price tricks ended with 99 cents such as RM1.99 attract customers` attention. Examine the price and compare with others before you buy. Sales promotion often attracts consumers to buy and you as a consumer will be attracted to the products with lower prices, promotional gifts and buy with a large quantity.
Fifth tip, check the receipt of purchase and the quantity of items after payment. It is important to check the receipt as to avoid deception like different prices . Usually, customers will buy in bulk and crowded environment makes them uncomfortable and quickly leave the shopping complex. Do not rush and make sure you check the receipt before leaving.
Every business expects profit. Hence, every business will form various promotional strategies to attract customers` attention. As a buyer, you should be smart and do not cheated by any sales promotion. List down what is needed and what is not. You are advised to do a lot of readings of how to manage your financial planning. Avoid yourself from becoming a victim of sales promotion and ignoring unnecessary things and services. Having unimportant things and services is an extravagance. Organize your expenses wisely and be a smart spender. 

(Tulisan ini adalah salah satu assignment saya dalam subjek English For Written Communication. Semua kene buat 5 penulisan dgn tajuk yg berbeza-beza dengan jumlah perkataan 2500 patah perkataan. Masa nie memang rasa-rasa boleh pengsan daaa...)

Bila kita menyambung pelajaran kembali, antara salah satu perkara yg kita tak boleh nk elak ialah kita kene mula kembali membuat karangan atau bahasa universiti  assignment. Bukan perkara yg mudah bagi saya yg had umo dh nk masuk 35 thn nie nk menulis kembali penulisan yg panjang-panjang, lagi susah kalu kene menulis dlm English. Memang berpeluh-peluh dibuat yew. Mujur saya ada cikgu Bahasa Inggeris saya yg memang bertauliah . Thank You Sir ... Jasamu akan ku kenang hingga ke akhir hayat.

Belajar itu satu keseronokan sebenarnya. Di dalamnya ada pelbagai kisah-kisah yg sangat menarik.  Jika diizinkan Allah SWT , saya akan menamatkan pengajian saya pada penghujung tahun 2015. Doakan kejayaan saya . Kisahku adalah perjuangan saya di dunia sebelum kembali ke alam abadi di sana nanti.

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